When I think of failing in my life, God has A Different Storyline

One day, I reflected on the life I had been living lately. And I tried to compare all my existence with my brother or sister. In fact it’s very much different. Why can it be like this? We were educated in one family and educational background with strata that were not much different. There was a feeling of judging me that I had failed. I … Continue reading When I think of failing in my life, God has A Different Storyline


In this life, we often stand on the dock. The people we love go; our hope is destroyed; our dreams vanished. But in the midst of it all, we feel a glimpse of the beauty of the garden of Eden and a glimmer of heaven. Our longing brings us to God. He is the one who satisfies all our longings. Deuteronomy 34: 4 Continue reading Wisdom(29)

Wisdom (28)

Hebrews 13: 1-8 Almost everyone has and may be experiencing loneliness. However, loneliness has a dark side that requires even forcing us to have brothers and sisters in Christ. We who believe are part of God’s family, so we must have brotherly/sisterly love and give people a lift. Griendship in Jesus will last all this life, even forever. “Jesus Christ remains the same, both yesterday … Continue reading Wisdom (28)

Wisdom (27)

When struggling with frustration and hard work in this world, Ecclesiastes acknowledges that having a partner in our work will produce “good wages.” When two people who are alone, can be defeated, two people will be able to survive. ” When we fall, a person friends can lift us back. Sharing the journey of our lives to others will be much better, so that we … Continue reading Wisdom (27)

Wisdom (26)

Psalm 55: 4-19 David tells how he pursued hope. Even though we do not know for sure what threats they are facing at the time, but the experience is so heavy that they fall mentally. When faced with difficulties, David first did is pray, he said “If I were given wings like doves, I would fly and look for a quiet place”. Like David, maybe … Continue reading Wisdom (26)

Wisdom (25)

We all need someone who exemplifies the true meaning of following the Lord Jesus. May God give us believers who can guide us to grow spiritually. May we also, with the help of the Holy Spirit, guide others by our example. —Estera Pirosca Escobar Father, we are grateful that you place people around us who want to rebuke and strengthen us. Can we do the … Continue reading Wisdom (25)

Wisdom (24)

“Turn your ears and come to Me; listen, then you will live!” -Isaiah 55: 3 Our culture always tells us through various ways that life happiness can be obtained through what we do, what we buy, use, own, or ride. All of that is not true. We will not be able to get full satisfaction from anything in this world, no matter what we do. … Continue reading Wisdom (24)