When I think of failing in my life, God has A Different Storyline

One day, I reflected on the life I had been living lately. And I tried to compare all my existence with my brother or sister. In fact it’s very much different. Why can it be like this?

We were educated in one family and educational background with strata that were not much different. There was a feeling of judging me that I had failed. I may soon throw away jealousy and envy because they are my family and love me.

Am I right to choose an education level? or do I take every decision in my life wrong? or does it have to be difficult and bitter like this that I have to live with? Whereas, I often get flattery and praise because of the abilities that I have since childhood.

What I hope and aspire to is very different from the reality. Failure seems to insult me like a stupid kid.

When I see all Your goodness, Your mercy, and Your guidance, really teach me many things. Even made me realize that life is not mine alone. I belong to You and my life belongs to You. You set everything in my life.

The storyline that God provides is different from what I planned. Do I have to be angry with Him if my opinion is different from His? I don’t think so, because all I know is my desire, but God knows far beyond my desires. God knows what I need.

There are lots of designs in the human heart, but the Lord’s decision is done ” (Proverbs 19:21).

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