Wisdom (26)

Psalm 55: 4-19

David tells how he pursued hope. Even though we do not know for sure what threats they are facing at the time, but the experience is so heavy that they fall mentally.

When faced with difficulties, David first did is pray, he said “If I were given wings like doves, I would fly and look for a quiet place”.

Like David, maybe we want to escape to a safe place in the midst of a very difficult situation and even make us worse. However, David prefers to run away to God instead of running away from his difficulties, singing, “But I cry out to God, and God will save me”.

God is the source of all consolation capable of taking us through the darkest and most frightening times. He promised that someday he would erase all tears from our eyes. By being strengthened by this hope, we can truly entrust all our tears to Him.


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