Hello everyone … How do you do? I hope it’s all healthy, right?! … or is there someone else who is healthy? keep up the spirit … get well soon.

Fellow readers, talking about health may be endless … here I want to share the tips that I did when I was having problems with health. Coughing, that’s the disease we will discuss this time. Are you ready?!..

These days, where I have the weather is quite extreme, every day rains and stops. and activities must also continue. Due to lack of vigilance, I experienced colds and finally coughing which greatly disrupted activities and services.

I was faced with a dilemma, which way to reduce it. Buy drugs at pharmacies or consume herbal ingredients. While this condition of my cough is very disturbing especially at night when resting.

The thing that I often do when I start coughing is to drink warm water, while thinking about what I want to help, I immediately relieve this cough. And suddenly I remembered one spice in the kitchen. Red ginger. In addition to being a food column, these herbs also have many benefits for the health of our bodies. One of them is to relieve coughing.

I immediately went to the kitchen, and found it. Then I peel and wash until clean. I didn’t think for a long time, I chewed the pieces of red ginger that had been cleaned cleanly. it tastes amazingly bitter and spicy. Like eating pepper or chili. But to relieve this very disturbing cough, I forced myself to continue chewing red ginger interspersed with drinking warm water.

Once I did this, it turned out to be quite an impact. Itching in the neck begins to decrease. I do this for almost 3 days, which is chewing red ginger. not too long and it turns out today, my coughing started to subside even though it wasn’t 100 percent but really really helped me.

Maybe for all readers, something new or somewhat strange and still rarely done, or sound ancient done now. But you can try it if you have a very disturbing cough. Okay.

Well … that’s one of the benefits of red ginger that I can share for all of you. May be useful.

Thanks for reading. Gbu.

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