Serving The Most Important

How can such trivial salvation actions become big news? Because the mercy shown to those who are powerless really touches our hearts. It takes greatness to make room for the smallest creature.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God was like a master who held a banquet and prepared a place for anyone who would come. Not only magnifying and influential, but also “poor people and disabled people and blind people and paralyzed people” (Luke 14:21). I am grateful that God is looking for those who are weak and seemingly meaningless, because if not, I will never be saved. Paul said, “What is weak for the world, God chooses to shame what is strong, and what is not respected and despicable to the world, God chooses. . . so that no man can boast before God “(1 Cor 1: 27-29).

How wonderful is the greatness of God’s heart that He wants to save a little person like me! Therefore, I need to ask, how much has my heart grown? I just need to see the extent to which I have served those who are seen as insignificant by society, not how I try to please those who are “respected”. —Mike Wittmer

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