Rain Comes

Hey everyone..happy to meet you all today. And it feels like longing for all the wordpress families after a few days of rest because of some obstacles. But today I’m back.

Like the title of my writing today, “rain comes”, we will discuss what we need to anticipate during the rainy season. This will help you to safely pass the rainy season this time. Okay.

The thing that must always be considered is to keep the drains around our house not blocked by anything. Because if it is not clean especially filled with garbage, the channel will be flooded so it overflows and causes flooding. In addition, if the tetsumbat drains and are flooded with water will cause mosquito larvae and cause disease so that it is likely to attack us inhabitants of the house.

Other than that, make sure the yard and also in the house there is no littering because it will become a den of mosquitoes and flies. The inside of the house must also be so that it must routinely dispose of garbage every day.

Next is to provide a few pairs of warm clothes. The weather must be cold during the rainy season. And our body will easily get sick if it keeps getting cold all day.

Provide an umbrella before it rains. That is a proverb that we can also use in literal meaning. Umbrellas are indeed equipment that we have to prepare if we want to leave the house during the rainy season. And for me it’s safer. It will also be safer if we use a thick coat. Besides being protected from rain, it is also anti-cold.

Consume more drinks and warm food. Like warm water, coffee, tea, soup, and so on. It will help warm our bodies from within and also keep our digestion healthy and smooth.

Reduce the duration of activity outside the home. If too often or too much exposure to rain water will adversely affect health. Especially for those who work outside the room must be really safe during the rainy season.

Before the rainy season, if conditions allow to prepare enough food for the family because during the rainy season, we are usually reluctant to leave the house to shop for reasons of safety and driving comfort.

Well. I have shared some things about antipathy when the rainy season is coming. And hopefully it will benefit us all. God bless.

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