Cheerful Saturday

Hi all of you. How are you saturday? enjoy or gray? … if I was Saturday this morning, did some activities with Sunday school kids in the church. Each child follows activities according to their class and age. We do this in order to welcome Easter celebrations and we call them pre-Easter. And their usual enthusiasm. This adds to my enthusiasm to welcome this weekend to continue activities as bloggers like you anywhere in the world.

How about you? What’s your activity on this saturday? Most Saturdays we usually take off from routine activities such as school and work. But not infrequently also those who keep doing routine activities at the school or place where you work.

For those of us who are at home maybe confused about doing the right activities? Follow my writing to completion, maybe one of them is a solution this Saturday. Ok, are you ready?

Clean and trim every room in your home. The bedroom might be the first, because the place where we rest is tired after all day activities to collect more energy. If our room is clean, our sleep must be comfortable and sound. there are no mosquitoes or latents and even ants and odors that interfere with our sleeping comfort. agree?

Then, your study room or your workspace. important books and documents are sometimes just put on the table. if it’s clean and neat we won’t have any more trouble looking for it when needed. and also we can study and work in that room.

After that, the living room. Don’t let this room not be cleaned. We don’t know when our guests will come. Whether it’s family or whoever it is. So the room must be kept clean. Shame if guests come and this room is a mess. Surely our guests will not feel at home for long.

And what is not left behind is the kitchen. You have to clean this one every day. Because the place to process and cook. There could be leftovers or even food items that are scattered on a table or chair or even on the floor. This is a danger to our health and family.

After the house is settled, the home page and terrace also need to be noticed. Because this is part of our shelter which is most often seen.

Readers, may seem troublesome if you do it alone. We can share assignments with all family members. And of course it will be very exciting if all of them take part. Maybe this looks like old, but for me here is the one of beginning of the most basic education. And more fun if it ends with holding a family gathering.

Well, what do you think? hopefully it will be useful for you to fill your Saturday. Thank you for reading. See you later.

4 thoughts on “Cheerful Saturday

  1. As for sharing assignments, I find it helps just to have someone to talk with while doing boring tasks like cleaning. I don’t mind if someone actually contributes, so long as they keep my mind entertained while doing so.

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  2. Nice piece. A good reminder to us who are usually engrossed to writing (ensured to make it clean and clear and organized) the whole week and forgot to clean and organize our working area.

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