Body weight changes. Stress??

Hi readers .. How are you today? Healthy? I hope so.

Today I want to discuss something that might be rather sensitive for most people. It’s about body weight. can i discuss it? I ask your readers permission.

And you don’t need to worry. Because I will not discuss about the skinny and the fat one. I will only discuss what we have to do when our weight changes. Whether it increases or decreases. Okay? are you ready?

If we gain weight, the first thing we do is keep thinking positively that there is a time when our body will change. For example, waist circumference increases, the abdomen enlarges, cheeks, buttocks and thighs are enlarged. It indicates that our weight increases. We must be quick to realize and immediately gather the intention to find a way to overcome so that the body weight is stable again.

But if we lose weight, don’t feel too happy too soon. We must remain vigilant and check whether this is normal or not for our own size. I say so because most people especially women are very excited if they know their weight decreases. So it needs to be checked, okay?

When we already know that our weight has undergone drastic changes or not, then we need to remember what we have consumed in the past week or month. This clearly leads to our daily diet. Maybe we often attend parties so we don’t control ourselves to eat every meal. the food we eat can be excessive than what our body needs. Carbohydrates, fats, sugar, alcohol, protein and so on. That’s all if it’s not controlled, sorry, it automatically brings very significant changes and we may lie weak helpless because of disease.

And if we lose weight we also need to go back to remembering how we have been eating lately. It might be too limiting the intake portion, and the lack of liquid in the body. That means not enough of what our body needs. So here we need to pay attention to is the portion of balanced intake that the body needs.

Next is to treat your body well. in addition to following the recommended healthy and balanced diet, do sports that are tetatur and do not overdo it. Then if your income is possible, you can take care of your body to a spa or facial (not a necessity).

Don’t make your body a victim of advertising. Most media, especially television, broadcast messages that attract the audience to consume food that is not necessarily in accordance with the recommendations of health experts. So we also need to be able to control ourselves from adverts from any media.

Well, readers are everywhere, that’s some info for those of us who might be concerned about changes in weight or body shape at this time. May be useful. Thank you for reading to completion. I’ll see you again.

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