Body odors. Problem?

Hello all. I back to see my friends, readers. And certainly will share things that might be new and are you thinking about the solution? Do you lack confidence because of bad body odor? immediately complete how to reduce or overcome and prevent body odor. Let’s see.

Bathing must be routine. Bathing twice a day is a habit for all people and it must be done. Especially for those of you whose activities are not at home. In addition to refreshing the body, it will also automatically remove body odor or the smell of sweat. But the bath is the right one for the reader. Use soap and clean all hidden body parts like the armpit. This is one part of the body that often causes unpleasant odors.

Pay attention to the food and drinks you consume. You should eat more natural foods. Avoid consuming excess instant food. Because instant food contains many chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Then do not consume excessive alcohol. It all causes unpleasant body odor. Better multiply healthy and natural foods and drink water.

Stressed or thinking too hard, can also cause unpleasant odors. Work pressure and daily stress can cause stress. This causes the sympathetic nerve to work more actively so we sweat and smell bad. So don’t bring yourself to excessive stress.

Enough and quality rest. In my opinion this can also prevent us from cases of body odor. Because we have enough and quality, our body can be fit again, blood flows smoothly, the mind can recover and fresh and can add a positive aura in our body.

If you are experiencing a case of body odor there are some plants that can and use it directly. Such as: betel leaves, neluntas leaves, basil leaves and alum. You can use it all when you take a bath or after a shower (alum).

Ok all readers, hope that I share the above can be useful to reduce and even prevent body odor you are experiencing, and hopefully increase your confidence. Thank you for reading. See you later..

14 thoughts on “Body odors. Problem?

      1. Ohhh… I have to actually take bath twice a day if I sweat in the evening as well irrespective of the season as this is recommended by doctor to me long ago…so that’s why I thought that you might be a doctor .. sorry..

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    1. Yes, it is true. we may take a shower in the morning it can be mandatory. later in the afternoon it is also possible but enough to wipe the face of the hands and feet. And for the whole body, if our body really smells but not too long, just get rid of dirt and body odor, especially if you want to go to the invitation and so on.

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