I Smile, You Smile..

The meaning of a smile is to describe a person’s mood. There are people who like to smile or cheap smiles (are you okay??) there are also people who rarely smile (is that difficult??) What about you? are you smiling right now? hold on, dear reader.

This time I want to write about the effect of a smile. Curious? check it out!

Experts say that if we smile, it will stimulate the brain to have a positive effect. For example, make us think clearly, lower blood pressure, equivalent to consuming 2000 healthy chocolate bars, and the forehead muscles do not wrinkle.

The next is creating and increasing self-confidence, so that we are more relaxed enjoying the atmosphere. Even though it is actually in a tense or depressed situation. Especially for those of you who have a crush on someone and are looking at him.

Make us like a lot of people, and it’s easy for us to have many friends or acquaintances. And certainly will have an impact on our social life in the future.

Who would have thought, from a smile to luck. For example, in the field of work, in addition to skills, people will promote someone who has a confident attitude, humble and smile. Do you know? someone who is smiling will look attractive in the eyes of everyone he meets and there is an attraction so that there is a possibility that he will be prioritized.

Enhance the immune system. Because of the smile that made us relax, then reduce stress and excessive anxiety, so that our body is better and healthier.

And that is no less important, dear readers, the smile makes us look more attractive, makes the atmosphere around us liquid and happy, and one more thing is to make us young (forever young).

Well, how about you? Do you want to experience positive things from a smile? I also want. Are you smiling not? Just try.

Thank you for reading. see you later.

6 thoughts on “I Smile, You Smile..

  1. I love smiling and tend to smile a lot, and I do smile at others particularly if out for a walk or seeing someone that doesn’t look happy. Smiles are catching and it can brighten your day smiling at someone.

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