Say and Waiting in Patience

There is an expression like this “If the person you are talking to doesn’t seem to listen, be patient. Maybe the ears are closed by something. “ Have you ever heard the words like before?

Dear readers, wherever you are, maybe some of us often say something like suggestions, opinions and even advice for someone who is familiar with us or someone close to us. Siblings, children, students, friends, even our lovers. In the hope that they can become better people.

It is very clear that this is something important and valuable to them. We want them to listen and do everything we suggest to them.

But in reality it is more contradictory than what we expect to happen from them. They tend to disobey and obey their hearts and not heed the advice we give. Then we think, there’s no point in advising or giving advice. We feel just wasting time and energy. Like nothing. We are reluctant to comment, we don’t even intend to remind them again or let them.

And today, dear reader, I learned about one thing. When someone doesn’t listen to your advice, which is actually beneficial to him, maybe he is reluctant to listen. Or maybe there are other obstacles: Some people find it hard to listen to advice because they are disappointed and hopeless.

So what should we do? one word “be patient”, God said,” Love is patient; love is generous ”(1 Cor 13: 4); love is willing to wait. God has not finished forming that person. He is working through their sadness and our love and prayers. Maybe, in His time, He will open their ears to want to hear. Be patient..

That’s all, thank you for reading.. see you.

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