Betrayed and Move On

The first time I met you was a vibration that flared up in my heart. At a glance I don’t think too much about what that means. But the more often I meet you this heart is like to explode.

When alone, I just think and ask what is this vibration? is this Love? is this like when someone is in love? God help me find the answer. I can’t afford my smile when I’m staring at you when there’s nothing around me watching.

I ventured to find the answer, and there seemed to be a way for me. It’s like being welcomed. Talking and listening to your voice, looking at your smile, it doesn’t seem like you want to part when together. The way you think is smart is smart. The way you compose words really swept my soul. God, is she who you sent for me?

Believe in the sentence you say. When I am disappointed or there is a problem, you come and win my heart and say that everything will be fine. My belief is so strong when our relationship gets more serious and you look happy when with me.

But I have a friend who cares so much for me and secretly loves to know who you really are. She searched for information in such detail. Who do you meet every day, who drove you at one time when we were far apart. My best friend really didn’t want to let my happy feeling take place in falsehood.

And one day, when my friend and I were sitting together and telling stories about the life we lived. She suddenly said “Well there is something I want to say and talk to you and I hope you are not surprised and angry” then I replied “oh yeah bro … please say don’t be awkward we have long been friends and know each other.”

“I do not want to damage or even disturb the sense of happiness that you are feeling lately. And I am happy to see you smile and enthusiasm every day. But sorry, I have some time to find out about her that you are currently loving”. I was silent and felt a little anxiety about what my best friend was talking about. “Come on … just keep on talking, I’m ready to hear”. She continued ” It seems like she doesn’t really love you. There are other people with her when you are far apart. And they are not like friends in general, like there is something special between them. They are as close and intimate as lovers”. For a moment I was still silent and breathing deeply. Then there were about 15 minutes we were silent, and we finished our conversation without responding to what my best friend said.

When I heard and absorbed the words of my best friend, I needed a long time to vent, finding out what really happened. And sure enough, you really betray, lie, hurt me so deeply.  
Actually I don’t believe in this incident, my love for you is too big, so is my belief that you are my future. Very painful for me. Not the words I can arrange to describe my pain, like a pain that slices my heart.

I don’t know where I bring and tell this pain, not to mention the shame that I have to bear when my friends know this. Like being reluctant to meet and talk to anyone who recognizes me, avoiding the effective way I do. And it took me a long time to restore my heart and forget you.

I really hope that you won’t see you again and don’t want to hear your name again. I have to be strong and immediately move on from that past. hopefully one day back and bring someone who is truly sincere to love me and live with me.

Thank you for reading. See you..

4 thoughts on “Betrayed and Move On

  1. I am sorry you were hurt so deeply. The two first and natural reactions one has to betrayal are anger and resentment; and to pull back and stop trusting. I hope you are not tempted act on these as I have. But if you are, I suggest you do the very opposite: to try to understand this person (why she treated you so) and to forgive and pray for her; and to step out in courage and love again. It is what Jesus would have us do.

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    1. Thank you much..for while, i am trying to be strong and hope one day will come some one to love me again. And you know bro..?? There is a happen in my life and I will make a write for this blog. Once ..thank you bro..Gbu..


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