The Prayer

True prayer goes beyond what language can express.

Prayer is the blessing and privilege that God has given us.

Praying is an active activity, where someone acts and acts something.

Pray more than just sit still and worship. We can pray through our actions.

Prayer is not limited to space and time.

Prayer presents God’s unlimited power over a limited human self. The power of prayer is able to penetrate the impossibility!

Prayer is a powerful weapon in defeating any form of enemy: problem or trial; prayer can thrill the heart of God so that he acts to give help.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in distress, and persevere in prayer!

“Verily, the hand of the LORD is not long enough to save, and his hearing is not less sharp to hear; but that which is a separation between you and your God is all your iniquities, and that makes Him hide against you, that He does not hear, all your sins . ” (Isaiah 59: 1-2).

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