Time is A Change (3)

Hey you there … nice to meet you all again. And I hope all of you are fine. Today, I will still discuss the same title, which is Time is A Change, but I promise to discuss it thoroughly and not for all of you to be curious ..right?!

Well, after we learn to start a change in ourselves, then improve relations and communication with the people around us, why do you do something new or haven’t done before.

The new thing you can do to start change is to do a new passion. Besides sports as I mentioned in the first part, fishing might be something you can make to fill your days, or write articles with content that interests readers. And also be after working at the cafe for a moment just to get tired of working all day, with a cup of coffee and cake. Fun is not it?

Next is a picnic. You can do it on weekends or days off. If it’s really tired you can apply for leave from work, to reduce the pressure you feel. You can go home if you are working in the city, go to the house of grandparents, or take a travel program. There are many places in this world that you can go to release your fatigue. Sure this will make you fresh again.

After going home on a picnic, maybe you have a plan to look for new job opportunities or additional income. This also can bring changes in life. While adding income and planning for the future. You’re still at home with where you work, maybe while opening your own business or join with friends who are opening a new business. How cool is that right?

Friends, on the sidelines of your daily activities, do something for others. In this case it is not within the family or close friends, but takes part in charitable activities around you. Maybe for orphans, children with special needs, people affected by calamities and so on. And also the opportunity to join a community that can build and strengthen you in terms of spiritual needs.

And finally my friend, it is trying to build a new relationship with someone who is special. In this relationship will later make you grow up. Learn to deal with complicated situations. And that special moment shows you pour out your heart and mind. at least be a good listener and want to understand the situation you are experiencing. Don’t forget to introduce it to your family so that you can establish and build healthy relationships.

Dear reader, that is the end of Time is A Change, and I really hope you all can enjoy my writing and bring goodness. thank you for reading. see you later.

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