Time is A Change (2)

Hi everyone … see you again with me through this blog. Today I will continue the discussion yesterday, friend. Still regarding time is change. If yesterday I talked that change must begin with yourself. Well, we go on to the second part is to improve our relationships with the closest people.

This is one way to learn to open up especially the people closest to us. Beginning in our home. In the family we are at least close to one family member. Father, mother or brother and others. We use this method to improve our relationships. Start with a simple conversation.For example by say greeting in the forehead of the day or when it will start activities or also when returning home after the move. The other, you can also invite watching together in the family room such as sports and other matches.

Then, when our relationship in the home slowly improves, the same time we can also improve relations with the neighbors. Maybe during this time we are reluctant to greet them when meeting or feeling heavy to give a smile and even help. We can start it like in the family by saying hello when meeting anywhere by just saying hello. Slowly it will become a good habit and our relationship with our neighbors will recover automatically.

After that, our best friends and close friends. Maybe all this time our relationship with them has been tenuous or has not made any communication at all because of some problems that were not resolved properly. So there is no more communication with them. Even though friends and close friends are part of our lives that are no less important there are even some people out there who think they are like family. We can do this by telephone or short message in social media or there is no harm in visiting their home. Surely they will be surprised and accept us.

And the next is to improve relations with our colleagues in the office. Usually because of work issues we don’t talk to each other anymore, or because the principle and technical differences in how to complete tasks are not in line, or also because of unfair competition to get a certain position where we work. Please, don’t let this drag on. Immediately finish by rebuilding communication slowly. It might be a bit heavy but if there is sincere intention it will definitely gradually recover and there will be no more pressure when working.

Okay friend, that was what I could share for all of us first. Thank you for reading. See you in Time is A Change next section.

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