Time is A Change (1)

Time is a chance. Opportunity to plan a better life. A life that is able to change situations that can make us enjoy life. A situation that We might not have hoped for so far happened, but there was a service and an opportunity to change it for a lot better.

Changing things to be better takes time. Sometimes short, but sometimes it also takes months or even years. there are many things we can fix in this life to change our lives. A hard struggle even sacrifice.

Let’s start from ourselves. Why? because for me how could my surroundings change while myself didn’t change. Like looking for a needle on straw, says a proverb.

So what do we need to change in ourselves to change lives? The most important thing is to be grateful. Because, we are still given the opportunity of continuing to live, can still breathe, our heart is still beating, our pulse is pulsing. Grateful for still being able to feel the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the water, the blowing of the wind, the beautiful nature. Still able to do activities and be a reason to be grateful is still to meet people we love and care about.

Next is to think positively in everything that happens. Sure that every thing that happens there is a reason behind that we may not know directly. Sure that everything that happens is in God’s design that is full of peace and definite hope.

Leave bad habits. Obviously, this is a negative thing that must be removed to change life. Everyone’s habit is different but we will mention things that are common or almost done by most people. Lazy to get up early. This is one of the difficult things to leave because it has become a very enjoyable habit. Parents said, who are lazy to get up early will not be fortunate. Other bad habits are lack of associating or closing themselves from people around us. Try to start being open to the family. So that we are not depressed by our own burdens. Make friends with new people who can guide us. Learn to communicate politely.

Then try to do a new hobby. If you like soccer, try playing badminton or rock climbing and other sports that can boost your spirits and adrenaline. Or you who like to read, try to play chess, play cards, and many other hobbies that you can try might just change your quality. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things including hobbies.

Well, some of the points that I shared earlier, might be able to inspire you to change your life better and start from yourself once you improve your quality. Okay.

Thank you for reading. See you later..

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