Body, health and success ..

Health is an important thing even vital in human life. Health has a role to achieve success. It will be difficult for us to achieve success if it is not supported by a healthy body. There is a proverb that says that in a healthy place there is a strong soul. When our body or physical body is healthy, our soul is strong in doing all of our agenda for a day to succeed.

But sometimes we humans don’t pay too much attention to our physical health. So busy with work and social life that the health of the body is neglected for the sake of our careers even special moments are forgotten.

So how do we stay healthy in life and achieve brilliant success? Here are some tips that might help:

First is enough rest. We may work hard to realize an ideal or dream but the rest is important. When it’s time to act normally, go home with your family and rest at night. May bring some work but still have to rest about six or seven hours and tomorrow you will wake up with a fresh body.

Secondly, We have to have nutritions food intake that is filled with food. Usually, We are busy with routines and do not take the time for breakfast in the morning. Start doing it in the morning. And try to sip a glass of warm water after waking up. Both of these things are very important for the health of the body. Other than that, don’t forget to bring lunch to work and if you don’t have time, you can buy it at a place near where you work. Then after work just go home for dinner with family is fun and healthy body.

Third is exercise. Sometimes there are some people who think exercise is an expensive activity. Maybe because the advertisements are printed in magazines or in newspapers so they are reluctant to exercise. Even though this is also very supportive for the health of the human body. The cheapest thing to exercise is at home. For example running in the morning or in the afternoon. In addition we can also do activities at home that can sweat. Exercise is best done two or three times a week.

Fourth, quality time. This is the most neglected by most of the main people who pursue careers. Even though this quality time helps us to balance the heart and routine activities that are really tiring. this quality time can be done with our families. Go on a weekend trip, traveling on holidays, or hold a small event or party at home when there is a short holiday. This will relax us from the busyness that might drain our energy and mind. So that our bodies can be fit again and our soul comes out of pressure.

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