Facing the Giant

Every day I want to live a relaxed life with nothing and obstacles at all. And I think everyone wants to experience what I think. Live on life according to the plan that we have included in the plan list.

But when living it turns out that reality is not in accordance with planning. There was a failure there that seemed to stop my steps to continue the struggle for life. With experience of failure, there was a fear of worry that was reluctant to think optimistically through my days.

The effect of a failure that doesn’t only happen once in my life, is like a giant that blocks my path from reaching my dreams or all my plans. I am desperate. Sometimes even I cry not only in my heart but shed tears like a little child struggling to ask for something.

When I was tired of crying, I returned to thinking of finding a way to break away from the giant instead of facing it, but it didn’t work well and made my mood and life like a mess. Sleep not calm do something out of focus. And instead made me make mistakes and mistakes that made things even more complicated.

And in the end I was at one point to stop trying to escape and escape the giant. I just kept quiet and looked up at the sky and imagined everything that I had gone through so I fell and was able to stand and stand again. Feels empty and useless. deadlock like a wall so high. Yes, like a giant.

Then I took a breath and closed my eyes. So long I did it. And again I shed tears. Then I wiped my tears and begged the creator “God help me to face the giant”. And then I stood up and stepped forward with my surrender saying enough to dodge. time to face the giant.

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