When Reality is Not in Line with What I Want

Living this life calmly comfortably without the problem of tears without problems is everyone’s dream. So that you always think in such a way as to realize the way that our lives go as we want.

Starting from what we want to eat what wants to use how to fulfill all desires and desires in the heart, including ways to make people happy around us.

As if we want to manage all our lives. We want a day forever day or night. We want the weather to be always sunny or vice versa and much more.

But in reality life is like a spinning wheel. Ahere is one side above and The other side down and vice versa. This life is not us who created it. The creator did not make his day of diving day or night forever. Also with humans who are not always happy not always sad. There is a time when there is time sad there is a time to laugh there is time to wake up there is time to sleep or rest.

We humans are sometimes not satisfied with what is happening in our lives. Do not want to accept reality sincerely if sadness or suffering is experienced. When there is a problem we blame others and even blame God because what happened is not in line with what we want.

We should be thankful for the life that is still given every day. Still not working and day-to-day activities, still meet our loved ones.

It would be much better if we looked at life fairly like a spinning wheel. Better to accept with sincerity and sincerity and continue to live with hope,because there is no result that deceives the business. Try to live life to the fullest with thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading. See u..πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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