Life Pressure..

Someday.. I feel very depressed and maybe people out there in various parts of the world everywhere. The source of the pressure I experienced or felt there was a lot of coming. Life demands that require immediate fulfillment, and that seems to be something that forces me to think harder and finally feel so stressed.

So.. it feels confused to go through everything. How to finish and where to start first. Really feels tense and very complicated. daily needs. the business that I did did not experience significant development due to the tight competition that seemed to narrow down the opportunity to increase daily income even every month. not to mention responsibility in the family and church services. really like taking me to an extraordinary complicated situation. even though all I did was to make life better and make my loved ones happy in my life.

Sometimes I think of telling the closest people but are reluctant, don’t be a burden and even make it difficult for them too. Looking for old friends has also been busy with family and work and their respective activities. this head and heart really raged.

Until now, all I do is be quiet and exercise deep breath while continuing activities or routines every day. and said to myself that there might be enlightenment, or a way that could help me get out of this problem and pressure of life.

And those of you who are out there or in any part of the world. continue to live with hope. keep doing the responsibility while hoping that help will come to solve the problem of your life. keep spirit guys..

See you..and thanks for reading πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ€—πŸ€—

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