Happy day..

Everyone must miss a happy day. The day every person in the world looks forward to. And everyone also has different ways to make that happy day come true.

We are happy when we celebrate Christmas and have a family gathering, have a Christmas party with our loved ones. Praying and singing and exchanging gifts. We are happy when meeting old friends, promises to meet sharing experiences of life, repeat stories of childhood adolescence or visit each other to their homes.

We are happy when finding someone meaningful in our lives, share in joy and sorrow, to get to know one another, to strengthen each other in difficult times. And together stringing the future and a holy promise.

We are happy when we try to get out of the crush of hearts and minds, problems that almost make us lose hope in life, the book works it out with the effort and support of those who love us.

We are happy when we get a surprise on a birthday, which is sometimes annoying but makes us smile and cry happily.

And finally happiness is something simple and we can create in ourselves and our hearts.

Thanks for reading..see u..😎😎😘

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