I Love You baby..

When I feel lonely, you come …

You carry a smile, which is stored in love …

Day after day we pass, it’s hard to be happy everything feels beautiful..oooh

Reff: I Love you baby.. I need you baby .. only you, only you the one.

You hug me, when I’m sad. You are entertaining with your smile … until I fall asleep, in peace of your love

back to reff…

I Love you baby …

Guyss.. above me I trust the song lyrics … I am personally amazed engan with the lyrics … then feel in the song and accompanied by a melodious or serene guitar instrument … cool can to make songs that are simple but nice to hear in super situations difficult as experienced by the singer .. really creativity is not limited to the problem …

Guys..so important to have someone special to keep us in trouble … the one who is the most loyal to accompany even until we fall asleep and he certainly will wait and give support … even the way he entertains us is not expensive. Enough with a smile … “words or simple sentences that he said actually make us rise again ..

Guys.. don’t waste the person who loves us sincerely. Whether it’s parents .. brother .. friends and special ones boyfriend … hehee .. Even though he does not have abundant wealth or paras like a Hollywood artist or actor … the important thing is he loves and loves and is loyal to us.

Ok guyss..see u..šŸ¤—šŸ¤—

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