Rain Comes

Hey everyone..happy to meet you all today. And it feels like longing for all the wordpress families after a few days of rest because of some obstacles. But today I’m back. Like the title of my writing today, “rain comes”, we will discuss what we need to anticipate during the rainy season. This will help you to safely pass the rainy season this time. Okay. … Continue reading Rain Comes

Wisdom (12)

“Lord, I come to you in weakness and fatigue, give me new strength.” Isaiah 40: 27-31 The new strength is right for us – whether we are struggling to raise children and make a living for families, struggling to live a life burdened with physical or financial problems, or being disappointed by tenuous relationships or spiritual struggles . That new power will be received — … Continue reading Wisdom (12)

Wisdom (11)

John 15: 9-17 Jesus walks with us as our Friends for life. He listens to every pain and longing of our hearts. When we are lonely and disappointed, Jesus the true Friend continues to accompany us. Our friendship with Jesus will be more closely interwoven when we love one another. As we obey His commandments, we will produce permanent fruit. In navigating this crowded and … Continue reading Wisdom (11)