Happy New Year

Entering a new year with emotion and joy. But stepping feels reluctant. In my mind there are millions of difficult struggles for which there is no common ground. In submission to God, I cut down all my requests, all my complaints and even my worries. I wrapped it in tears and wrapped it in thanksgiving. I need You, My Lord, all my life. Amen Continue reading Happy New Year

Wisdom (37)

God has never been careless when sending us. He will assign us according to ability. Suppose we don’t have the ability or skill, He alone will equip and enable us. Steadiness arises not because we believe in our own abilities. Actually, the dawn of hope arises precisely because we believe in Him. Exodus 31: 1-11 Continue reading Wisdom (37)

Rainbow of Love

Sometimes what we experience, we cannot understand All the struggles faced will not exceed our strength, provided we believe Father will not give poison snake to his child who asks for bread Keep believing in our heart that everything will be beautiful in time God’s hand is crocheting, knitting designs and noble and extraordinary works. When the time comes, we will be amazed and even … Continue reading Rainbow of Love